Emerging Business Trends To Make Some More Money


A little information goes a long way. Sometimes, rising entrepreneurs and money-lovers alike could use a small “leg up” in the business world. Due to social media’s rise, mobile marketing and the world’s adherence to a higher standard of higher digital capacity, the world of business has never been brighter in terms of opportunity.

That said, you’d be wise to understand today’s emergent business trends before they hit the big market. Today’s business ideas pop up constantly, and industry spearheads won’t wait around for everyone to get a fair start. Currently, a lot of great business start-up ideas exist. Are you looking at the right ones? Check out the top business ideas we feel everyone should know, and outline your strategy for success today.

Instagram Leadership

Instagram “consulting” might be a generic term, but it’s reaping extraordinary amounts of money. Today’s business highlights have targeted Instagram as a leading marketing tool, and Instagram consultants are becoming incredibly valued in multiple industries. According to multiple reports, Instagram has reached over 400 users in 2015 alone. Additionally, 48.8 percent of companies with over 100 employees using Instagram have hit it big with marketing efforts.

Uber Driving

Uber driving, too, has become a go-to startup option for freelance lovers. If you have a four-door sedan, a vehicle made in at least 2001, in-state plates and a solid vehicle inspection, you can kick off the new year behind the wheel. More delivery drivers, car lovers and money lovers have turned to Uber’s fantastic business options, and Uber, itself, is becoming preferred over Yellow Cab. Sure, you’ll need to keep your car up to date, but a good Uber provider can pull in a good amount of cash. Plus, Uber’s Surge Charge pays off during slow hours, so you’ll be compensated for working late.

Health Club Leadership

Today’s Millennials are taking health seriously. In fact, they’re drinking far less alcohol than their generational predecessors, focusing more on dieting, health and fitness. Now, more than ever, health club leadership is a lucrative job opportunity. They’re being rebranded to become sociable, and creating a fitness center or health club is an incredibly lucrative venture.

Capitalize on the rising trend, and connect with social media to generate continuous membership opportunities. Today’s fitness-lovers are inseparable from social media, so strike upon their best side with social-active classes, dynamic support options and online communities.

YouTube Fame

That’s right: YouTube is a viable source of income, career security and fame. If you’re popular on YouTube, you can make a lot of money. In fact, YouTube stardom can fetch you multiple sponsorships alongside a yearly return. That said, you’ll need to supply content upon a topic you’re truly knowledgeable about. If you want to compete with PewDiePie, you’ll need to realize the astounding four million dollars he makes, annually, from his hobby.

Software Training

Don’t worry, you won’t need to become an office monkey to fulfill this business journey. If you’re skilled in highly specialized software, you might have a business opportunity awaiting. Today’s tech gurus are being paid to pass their knowledge on to others, expanding a community’s mindset without being expensive. Ideally, you’ll provide workshops, private sessions and direct mentorship. While a lengthy investment, you’ll ultimately turn a part-time job into a fulltime career.

Food Truck Investment

Want to know a lesser-known industry secret? A study conducted by Intuit and Emergent Research has predicted an astonishing $2.7 billion rise in the food truck industry by 2017. Now, more than ever, the food truck world is fertile for investment. Whether you’re wanting to get your business in at the ground floor or invest on a long-term basis, you should take the world of mobile food seriously.

Food trucks are far less expensive than brick-and-mortar restaurants, and today’s ever-expanding mobile business world has facilitated growth across the industry. If you’re packing the right equipment, a few solid recipes and a good work ethic, you could dominate the traveling eatery scene in little time.

Starting a Restaurant

Sometimes, the age-old approaches work best. Today’s restaurant world is booming, and it’s absolutely open to new entrants. If you have a passion for food, you can let your entrepreneurial dreams soar in a small kitchen. Create a small eatery, and connect with real-time services via mobile. Because today’s restaurants are already hardwired into social media marketing, mobile marketing and on-location marketing, you’ll be able to meet consumer demands while being trendy.

That said, you’ll need to become a niche provider to break through the white noise of 2016’s food industry. In the same way food trucks are becoming popular, start-up restaurants are booming. When possible, combine your social media presence with in-store opportunities. Too few industry newcomers understand the value of social connectivity. Check out this article by for more information.


Yes, Tweeting. You’d be surprised how many people have made entire careers off of Tweeting. If you have a solid Twitter following, you can earn between $.50 and $20 per Tweet. That said, you’ll need to be considered an industry professional before hitting the Internet. You’ll need to learn how to market content, too, because the amount you’ll earn will be directly proportional to the following you can gain. By using PaidPerTweet and SponsoredTweets, you can build a business by, well, being yourself. Like all online marketing avenues, though, professional Tweeting does take time, creativity and a good bit of elbow grease to get started on.

You have a lot of options available, and each provides a lifetime of fulfillment. Be sure to check out the digital world’s changes, however, as they govern the business world’s capabilities. Be imaginative, be bold and, above all, be attentive to the world’s changing business climate. You won’t be disappointed, and your future workers will thank you for the foresight. If you’re ready, get out there and make a difference.

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