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Top 10 Expensive Mansions of NBA Players

NBA is one of the most popular game in the world. The stars make a lot of money. You decide,  from Kobe Bryant house to LeBron James house, which is most luxurious and expensive.

Here is the quick list of top ten most expensive mansions of NBA players.

10.Kevin Garnett — $4.6 million (Concord, Massachusetts)
9. John Wall — $4.9 million (Rockville, Maryland)
8. Dwight Howard — $7.8 million (Longwood, Florida)
7. Dirk Nowitzki — $7.9 million (Dallas, Texas)
6. Chris Paul — $8.5 million (Bel Air, California)
5. Dwyane Wade — $8.9 million (Miami Beach, Florida)
4. LeBron James — $9 million (Coconut Grove, Florida)
3. Chris Bosh — $9.4 million (Pacific Palisades, California)
2. Kobe Bryant — $9.5 million (Newport Coast, California)
1. Chris Bosh — $12.3 million (Miami Beach, Florida)

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