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Everything you need to know about investing in precious metals. Mike Maloney is a world expert on monetary history, monetary systems and also wrote the world’s best selling book on gold and silver. Visit for bonus features – ‘How Does Mike Invest?’, ‘How Did Mike Get Started?’ (hear the story of Mike firing his financial advisor), and ‘How & What To Buy’. This is the full version of the movie, which features extra parts not yet seen on YouTube: Currency creation, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, how central banks steal our wealth, runaway deficits, the second wave of mortgage resets, Mike’s prediction of short term deflation THEN hyperinflation, New Media, Ron Paul, and the Constitution.

It was fascinating to watch the film again and see how things have moved on since it was filmed in June of 2009. Gold was $950. Silver was $15. The Gold/Silver ratio was 65. You could pick up a monster box of eagles for a cool $8000.

Though the prices and ratios have moved on, the film is entirely relevant and still one of the best ways for a newcomer to get up to speed with gold and silver. It is jam packed with information and calm analysis by the top experts in their field, who have been right since the start of the last decade. If you have a friend or family member who wants to know about metals but you can’t find the time to help them understand, or if there is someone you want to help but they just won’t listen, or even if you just want to say ‘Haha! Told you so!’….do them a favour and send them the link to this movie. Embed it on Facebook. Tweet it. The lot…

At least they won’t be able to say ‘Why didn’t you warn me?’ as they ask you for a loan!

“You know, we’re in this period where governments are abusing their currencies worldwide, and gold and silver are going to account for all of this. And like I say, there are these brief moments throughout history where the investment with the single greatest potential gains in purchasing power, is also the safest place that you can put your wealth, for the past 5000 years! And I’m not going to let that pass me up, let me tell you!”

Thank you Mike Maloney, neither are we.

If you are digging the cool music at the start and end please ‘put down the magazine, turn off the radio, stop listening to the newsman on the television show…’ and visit the most excellent musical monster and Monteiths’s master Aaron Saxon

Contents of the film:

-Currency Vs Money
-United States M3 expansion
-Fiat Currency and how it is created
-The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor has reserves
-Fractional reserve banking
-How central banks steal wealth from the people
-The second wave of mortgage resets
-Out of control deficits
-Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency supply
-Gold and silver above ground supplies
-Differences between the 70s bull market and now
-Silver as an industrial metal
-Gold/Silver ratio and the Price Discovery Mechanism
-Growing awareness and New Media
-Ron Paul and the Constitution
-Price suppression via metals leasing
-Fraudulent gold accounting by the US government and the change made in May of 2007
-Price manipulation via ETFs, includes sections of the SLV prospectus
-The privacy of physical precious metals
-Real Estate vs gold and silver – less than 500oz silver to buy a home?
-Dow vs gold and silver
-Why investment advisors won’t recommend gold and why 10% of your portfolio in metals is ridiculous

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